Sunday, November 20, 2011

Using The Vision

What did it look like to you? visions were blurred..will we be stalled like the deficit panel? its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors! 

A crook brought the fight to you...drama is at your front doorstep; there's mass hysteria like Syria..check the horrors and terrors!

...As I tell these stories; transmitting live from hostile territories ...pulling upsets..BCS standings shook up..were about to put it down like this!

...Paying the price; actually I overpaid; where's the rebate or refund? no bailouts like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac...wasn't able to mack like Newt Gingrich...but visions were revealed; some were getting played during the ongoing crisis! 

Like the Titans did Cam Newton authorities were trying to clock us with detection devices; supposedly they were experts!

As we clash with so called titans hostile territories were under surveilance; whose subject to the authorities; the networks?

Who had the hot style?  now their neck hurts from watching their back! 

Meanwhile my vision is utilized..moving forward; survival? a bruh has the knack!

As bring it back...using vision...its a fresh we come with a new batch...

As we bring it back..using vision..but like I said it's hard to see in the smoke and mirrors...hell is what we catch..

But we snatch the crown or the prize out of the hands of the greedy ones...

Word from the Occupy Movement...O-Dizzle will rock ya..check the groove he came's for the needy ones..

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