Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We're Back On The Grind

As we proceed and continue; unlike Dr. Julian White getting fired at FAMU...these brothas are back on the grind! 

Check the Urban Meyer going to Ohio State..they'll damn you if you do or don' we're moving forward; dropping these random thoughts that were in the back of my mind!

Moving to the forefront; why...what for? why did some front? like the Egyptian army..they let the power go to their heads!

Grooving....O-Dizzle didn't front!! he puts it down like this!! check the sonic fire shower; some will need to search for their meds! 

Rude movements like Sun Palace when some work that thing?  like Amish compounds in Ohio..searches were conducted by the Feds against those considered a menace to society! 

How did they work this? the arch nemesis will raid son's palace...down here in Georgia charges get trumped up; a hater even lied to me! 

Who got hurt by that and this?  some even cried to me!! a river was spotted like Justin Timberlake! 

The good word is dropped!! O-Zone didn't have all the answers..not yet; whose waiting on them?  just letting you know some are fake!

...As we take a break from the norm; at this moment soaking up Sagittarius Sun Rays that just switched over from Scorpio! 

What's the deal? please!! there's no rehearsals or takes available when your caught in a moment of time; this veteran now coaching knows how the sport will go! 

...Win, place, or show like the Kentucky Derby who'll work with me as I'm back on the grind! 

Bear witness to what's going down!! funk is dropped; the good word also based on what was in the back of my mind!

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