Monday, November 14, 2011

Its On!! Its On!!...Once Again

Once again its on!!  unlike the gets handled before it handles us!

Dealing with whats in front of things on the back burner; realizing that its on us!

Dealing with those that front on Herman Cain you'll get played...that's the onus; but were rolling like Truck Turner when were on the set! 

R. I.P. Isaac Hayes...also Joe Frazier and Heavy D...what's the deally? checking out how one plays...violence is foreign and domestic; recognize what the deal is..from Gaddafi to Ike Turner; one will learn that history will repeat! 

Foul ones say they run the street!! but I noticed they're occupied from Wall Street in NYC to out in Oakland and on Peachtree St in Atlanta! 

Miles are gone..history?..behind me!! when I rolled in the hooptie from Detroit to Atlanta! 

...Not devoid of funk; a brotha is transmitting live from remote labs! 

Avoiding the drama down here in Atlanta; it's the home of the smash and grabs!

Rehab should be the option of Bluff visitors; but they keep doing what they're doing!

Its on them!! as they deal with that and this; so whatcha knowing?

Whatcha growing? they ask a brotha..oh oh!! the secret garden was spotted! 

Now safe havens and safe harbors are under attack after jokers schemed and plotted! 

Whose misbehaving? fabrics were knotted; who will tie up the loose ends?

Whose enslaving the masses? they've got them hanging on a string like Loose Ends!

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