Saturday, November 26, 2011

Matrix Glitches PT.3

Building with the prophetess..discussing the process; discussions concerned ongoing glitches in the matrix! 

We won't quit or stop this; check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!! like NATO in Pakistan were hitting up snitches that fake it!

English? we break it!! beats are broken also; what do they know?  as we shake it up..causing a ruckus like Black Friday at Wal-Mart; we build and destroy! 

Pain and anguish is dealt with!! tentative deals are made like the NBA Lockout...they should know O-Dizzle will rock out... sonic troops we deploy!

No pain no gain was the cliche..please!! we were hip to the plot..the scheme...the ploy; I was like LSU beating Arkansas...I had to tell a hater....boy please! 

They sounded like Herman Cain!! meanwhile during the reign we drop this Assassins Creed like Revelations;  fighting back during these ill situations..we bang these beats and drop this good word; a brotha couldn't be at ease! 

Commanding officers told Imperial Storm troopers aka Atlanta police  "at ease" while they stood in formation! 

Meanwhile were landing this mothership back on earth; who understood the transformation? 

We're dedicated to the we transfer this breakbeat science / information based on transporting through the galaxy! 

Whose waiting on answers? dealing with glitches in the matrix..out there!!  caught up where the foul will be!

What will the style be? devil dancers and snitches get slapped with the sonic blackjack...the ultimate retribution..

.....They were the ones causing matrix glitches..contributing to the confusion...

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