Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Hitting The Reset Button..Once Again..Once Again...

I was able to hit the reset button; plus all the planets were in alignment! 

As we put it down like this...God blessed this when others stressed this...getting played like Herman Cain..I heard some are in pain..on the front lines where the battle between the rich and poor is....so were dedicated to the truth; being true to our calling..our assignment!

Check out this by product from solitary confinement; the day after Halloween..on All Saints Day..now I'm rolling like Saint Martin De Porres... breakbeat science is in full effect! 

Check me out; am I conducting myself in an orderly fashion? I don't know..with authorities I'm still clashing; they say I'm acting a fool with it! 

The thought and fashion police will roll up; what's the deal? you'll get dissed like Steve Jobs did Bill Gates...charges are trumped up! 

The Sonic Assault is unleashed..as we do our jobs...dealing with one who hates..this is the response; beats get drummed up! 

Consequences get summed up based on others being caught up; they said it is what it is!

Circumstances had plenty of victims like the Greek referendum on the Euro aid package!! but its not like Teena Marie's Square Biz! 

Advances were made by some who are in the clique; business was Shady like Grady!

Chances were taken by a bruh..but not like Jon Corzine; especially after the system tried play me! 

We were caught in a moment of time...now hitting the reset button after observing the scene..there's not much they can say to me; I can see how these jokers act! 

Check out our response; we're ready to roll..were on our way..we drop this good word plus beats are broken..check the track!

As we bring it back...we dipped for a minute...but now we're ready to get it on..it's time to get down...

The train of thought is rolling...plus we hit you up with the sound..

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