Wednesday, June 02, 2021

What’s The Prognosis? (Part Two)

 Your dude is asking questions, what’s the prognosis? check out the concept revisited per this HumpDay Extravaganza!

Almost Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday dosage as we get retro futuristic, maybe somebody will understand a Brotha!

Who’ll work with me as I analyze the available information? it’s like Joe Biden trying to get the GOP to work with him on an infrastructure bill. 

Who’ll work with me? jokers are like Israeli officials trying to kick Benjamin Netanyahu out of the government, which would be a good deal!

But that’s another story especially from a hostile territory where the drama was in the The Gaza Strip!

Caused by Netanyahu so what it do? what’s the prognosis? I told a joker who fronts / fakes / poses to “don’t even trip”. 

A player was out hear flipping out, check the increase in gun violence! what’s the prognosis? the drama was turbulent like ocean storms, it caused the ache of uncertainty.

Just in time for an expected heavy hurricane season, can we cope? plus the tiger’s eye / eye of the storm was even fierce! who’s panicky?

What’s the prognosis? earlier O-Zone mentioned it’s all game and the apparatus will change the rules, some understand me! they’re on one accord! Due to the heavy dosage of drama others were truculent but we dealt with it, trusting the Lord!

Oh yes! the heavy dosage of drama was succulent to some: that’s the kind of flavor they like!

Oh yes? what’s the prognosis? we analyzed the information! to some it’s more mysterious than an X-File but we knew what the deal was / we know what the foul behavior is like!

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