Sunday, June 06, 2021

What’s The Prognosis? (Part Three)

 It never stops: even as this Sunday afternoon transitions into Sunday evening I’m still peeping game!

What’s the prognosis? like a Covid 19 vaccination reality will provide drama in high doses don’t get caught sleeping in the game!

I keep telling you it’s all game plus they keep changing the rules changing fools until they don’t know who they are!

Then when they wake up they want the healing process to begin to heal the physical / mental / emotional scar!

We even had to break north, up I-85 to Charlotte aka the Queen City! rolling down Beatties Ford Road where dude was walking down the street with a Cam Newton Carolina Panthers jersey on..

..even though Cam is now in New England with the Patriots while Trump was down in Greenville with wannabe patriots, another plot and scheme they’re working on?

What's the prognosis? O-Zone is trying to see what's really going on like his other blog, when peeping game in the smoke / mirrors / fog plus I wasn't dancing with the devil at the disco inferno!! I saw the roof on fire!

What's the prognosis? in this danger zone? wasn't under pressure the Lord will bless ya!! he's right on time,  soon you're making the shot  with the shot clock about to expire!

What's the prognosis? in this danger zone? w
asn't under pressure!! I keep telling y'all  the Lord continues to shower us with blessings.

Staying on one accord; but haters throw salt in the game, they continue to stress things! 

What's the prognosis? after doing the knowledge  I address things; I'm not worried; but them they should worry about me!

What's the prognosis? like Joe Manchin opposing the For The People Act  the devil will oppose this, naysayers and even snitches confess to things, said others will doubt me!

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