Saturday, June 12, 2021

What's The Prognosis? (Part Six)

What’s the prognosis? you’ll have to excuse us as we do the knowledge / analyze the information!

Coming through on a Saturday morning that was once prime time for this blog until I had to deal with this or that situation!

There’s always something! I had to dip! Moon dust fills the air after I crashed landed the rocket.

Always mentioned that I was intergalactic rebuking these jokers acting erratic! fools lust for power on earth, I escaped before I turned psychotic!! Paid attention / peeping game; a survivor of Armageddon? a tyrant with a torch started the flames! Paid attention / peeping game to episodes like the Trump Insurrection; bearing witness to corruption’s reproduction as these tyrants keep playing games!

Pay attention!  What’s the prognosis? those  going rogue will come with the latest hits!

Pay attention! what’s the prognosis? they come with lethal does, showing malice when the craving hits! So what’s the prognosis? it’s a direful situation, some are ready to raise up! all that is left is goodbye. But not a hill to die on; foolish! not always, but praise and worship go up and blessings come down! we’ll give it one more try!

The mothership has landed back on earth, what’s the prognosis? what’s it all worth?

A Brotha will continue to get breakbeat scientific dropping this good word and the funk rebirth!

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