Friday, March 18, 2016

There's Always Something PT. 7 (Shadetree Mechanics Can't Fix It)

So what's up? please!! there's always something!! somebody might have to go to the service desk..

We'll have to swerve with this per customer service which is hard to find these days!! it's like we're returning Bumble Bee Tuna but customer service reps have an attitude / an edge..

Meanwhile I swerve with this!! beats will rumble, we're not acting brand new with ya!! we're  dropping knowledge trying to fix it, but some say I'm rolling with the shadetree mechanics...

Mr. Goodwrench types will price gouge /  charge too much to deal with it or they won't be real with it!! soon we're dealing with fakers and fanatics...

...Even Purdue Boilermakers couldn't beat  Arkansas-Little Rock, future mechanics can't rock?  I told you, there's always something!!

I heard what some will do!!  fakers meet to knock the Donald Trump hustle led by Erick Erickson, so what's up son? even Anonymous is up to something... 

Recognized The Pattern..damn!! it getting harder and harder to get over the hump! we keep putting work in,  though we could see that priorities are shifting.

Just got back from Saturn, oh yes!! I'm still Intergactic with it but drama was out that way, we were confronted by stormtroopers but O-Dog will continue to loop those funky beats,  plus were *Four Five Sixing It*  hopefully the Good Word is uplifting.

O-Dog hooked the drums up rebuking charges that society trumps up!! these sounds are heard at raves!!    over in Decatur I heard old  dude say he might have to smoke something!!

O-Zone? rebuking charges that society trumps up with these rants and raves!!  I looked for the thumbs up, but some thought this was a joke or something.

Damn! *There's Always Something* in this danger zone!! some became suspicious said things are out of control after ear shattering gunshots exploded or missiles were fired by North Korea!!  they thought I had something to do with it / like I broke something!! actually I did.

*Recognize the pattern*  check out the  broken beats and broken English, based on what reality did.

*There's Alway Something*  *Shadetree Mechanics Can't Fix It* Only the Lord Can!!

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