Sunday, March 20, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (Spring Equinox 2016 Edition)

Still dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, even though it seems like I'm cruising through the galaxy: I'm still putting it down like this

Still choosing to take the assignment, on this first day of spring the planets are in alignment per the Spring Equinox!! your dude will continue to rock, putting it down like this!!

Check out these chronicles,  the response to these and those that hustle knock!! the t-shirt at Stonecrest Mall said it's  Atlanta vs Everybody.

...Representing the movement, but during March Madness I'm not playing for either team: after observing the scene? I'm not rolling with just anybody. 

Higher seeds take out the lower seeds,  so what was sowed from seeds planted?

I'm the type that reads the TelePrompTer,  I wasn't taking anything for granted. 

Society damned it if we did or didn't!!  they'll try to shut you down like the GOP vs Donald Trump

Herman Cain will add his two cents  in as some were smitten, meanwhile down here in the ATL some are snake bitten; while riding through Clarkston I observed Asians and Somalians rolling like gangsters,  ready to bump.

I'm trying to maintain, rolling in the mothership aka old school Toyota Camry just like them, I'm trying to get over this hump!!  an active shooter like the Swag Brothers!!  DeAngelo Russell or Jordan Clarkson with the LA Lakers. 

I'm just trying to maintain!! check the style,  no active shooter training needed!!  breakbeat science is dropped on hustle knockers /  fakers. 

Maintaining with plans for moving forward per Spring Cleaning / Spring Training!! plus these jokers owe me like old dude said, he was an ex-government employee that said Ted Cruz owes him money for the government shutdown... 

Reigning per the Lord's blessing!! still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta even though it seems like I'm cruising through the galaxy: we're still putting it down...

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