Friday, March 25, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (What A Difference A Day Makes)

What a difference a day makes per the Dinah Washington song;  I remember my parents had the album. 

24 hours ago?  I was caught up in Atlanta traffic listening to the news on the radio: was belligerence the way to Washington per Trump vs Cruz?   this election is a foul one. 

Serious issues in the world while they argue about their wives: ecological ignorance will alter the fate of those not knowing the environment. 

Scouts go into the world to assess the danger, after the avoided guns, bombs and knives they summed up the consequences: social / psychological factors when dealing with this violence in Brussels as it sprouts across Europe?

Social - psychological and  economic factors dominate: it wasn't natural but collard greens,  cabbage or brussel sprouts in the diet won't cure it, so what it do? what it does?

Doing the knowledge like Garry Shandling aka Larry Sanders: will I be in the way like Bernie Sanders?  any understanding  / acknowledgement of these I-20 Chronicles as I clock manuevers by these habituals? they go about their pursuit of the loot  / the green or cabbage:  24 hours ago?  I was caught up in rush hour traffic as constituents  go through rites and rituals. 

...Dude fronted in the recalled Dodge Ram!! he  drove like a bat out of hell, while  the Smart Car was being  dumb:  holding up traffic,  a hybrid?  did they need to charge it? what it do? what it does? 

Did I need to charge the smart phone or charge it to the game when  the Gemini was talking slick with the Sagittarius slip since Mars was there?

..Or was it because of Mercury in Aries? watch your mouth on this Good Friday!! noticed that dropped fruit that fell from the tree wasn't natural,  so some shouldn't go there.

 Love and war?  nobody's fair with these!! word from a Midwest dude down south!! these Atlanta rush hour traffic jams remind me. 

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, check these chronicles!! what a difference a day makes I'm not caught in traffic, but this is no Chris Tucker or Jackie Chan Rush Hour comedy

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