Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Cleaning / Spring Training PT.6 (Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition)

Oh yes!! spring cleaning / spring training is underway on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday  per this one man army!!  the way I'm rolling? it's more mysterious than an X-File...

One man army!! cleaning out the oppositions ears due to Mercury in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius? now jokers will defend their wives like Donald Trump vs Ted Cruz: check the style!!

One man army like Seif El Din Mustafa, hijacking the plane in Egypt because of his ex-wife? macking, handcuffing or bluffing?

..One man army like my dude Mustafa up in Louisville / Newburg training us about Black History?  plus Egyptian Lover mentioned Egypt / Egypt: meanwhile the Rasta mentioned Haile Selassie, but Babylon will say it's nothing!!

One man army / one man revolution?  that's the deal with O-Zone!! I'm on a one man strike...

Intelligent Design / Evolution? things have gotten ugly!! per Planet Patrol we might have to play at our own risk!!   but I'm like Digital Underground:  doing what I like..

Doing what you like will get you in trouble in some spots,  due to devil's advocates with their scheme / plots!! Tsk, Tsk, Tsk / *Ain't That A Shame* is heard after we got gaffled..

What's The Prognosis? Most of the time I'm rolling solo / who'll work with me? who knows the deal? the masses seem baffled..

Lethal doses administered? oh!! the minister dropped the word this past Easter Sunday!!

The devil opposes per the old school Baptist Preacher / minister up in Louisville / Newburg that schooled me; now I'm ready to run a play..

No armchair quarterbacking!! spring cleaning / spring training will rectify that situation...

Now I'll Exercise Power on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; what's your perspective / situation? 

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