Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I'm Back With It ///Another HumpDay Extravaganza///

I was chilling out /  *chillaxing*    / sitting on the sidelines, but check out this HumpDay Extravaganza!! something / somebody  pulled me back into the game...

Shady dealing going down out here!! jokers are taxing!! no loyalty shown like no pledges to a GOP nominee: plus whistleblowing and gatekeeping have haters creeping / it's all game!!

...Plus the situation is dysfunctional: during intergalactic travels I learned how the funk should go from extraterrestrial royaty!! the diplomatic mission was a success...

..Plus the situation is dysfunctional as the Los Angeles Lakers season unravels!! ghetto passes / diplomatic immunity revoked due to hustles knocked by DeAngelo Russell? what a mess!! 

O-Zone knew how it would go!! a fanatic's plot unravels!! due to diplomatic immunity no weapons formed would work against me, so why did I stress? 

What's really going on? I'm back with it!! per this HumpDay Extravaganza this hot messenger rebukes the weapons formed against me and you, but haters say it's another hot mess..

In danger zones? jokers form weapons like North Korea then they want to make threats!! or they try to be stubborn like Apple with the iPhone, now they want to know how the FBI hacked it..

In danger zones, from the ATL to Chicago to Syria? check the mass hysteria, even the Pakistan Taliban is back with it!!  

Bass, treble and tone is adjusted by a brotha!! we're back with it!! check out this HumpDay Extravaganza..

Staying out of trouble? O-Zone was trying but he keeps getting pulled back into the game, was it due to the  Sun / Mercury in Aries vs The Uranus Pluto Square? science is dropped in the stanza...

What's up with  a brotha? a one man army?  jokers told me we don't understand you!!  thoughts are Scattered / but collected / selected at Random...

Lethal Weapons like Mel Gibson / Danny Glover? lethal doses? What's The Prognosis?... this is word from a virtual counselor, analyzing the information!!

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