Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Upsurge In The Construction Business PT.2

The season has officially changed,  plus we have a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra!! expect too see more construction sites. 

Seasons  / Reasons?  what's the deally?  more treasons?  it's not strange to see more corruption sites. 

Heathens go through their rites and rituals, damn!! drunk, full of heroin or smoking that dry kush?  now they want to blow up Brussels. 

Heathens go through their rites and rituals:  check the Sea Island Conspiracy,  when your trying to blow up like Trump!!  is it including Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush? they'll knock hustles. 

A *heaping*  of insights are dropped due to the upsurge in the construction business: damn!!  mental and physical muscle is flexed, did I need to rock a lime green safety vest and steel toe shoes?  

A heaping of insights are dropped due to the upsurge in the corruption!! damn!!  crime is up, so do I need to rock a bullet proof vest?  Kool G Rap and DJ Polo mentioned the Ill Street Blues.

 Do I need tools like Handy Mandy due to the upsurge in the  construction business? 

I read fools their rights with these insights:  understand  me?  it's due to the upsurge in corruption:  some know what the deal is!!

I read the school's by-laws concerning rights and privileges: old school, new school and next school business were full of corruption...

I read a fool's assessment, jokers weren't Cavalier Like Cleveland with Tyronn Lue,  Kyrie Irving? Kevin Love? who can they guard? please!! sites were still under construction...

Haters were stressing it!! meanwhile we steer the mothership to new lands per are own version of construction...

 Haters were stressing it!! we were hip to the style!! corruption will lead to the justice obstruction...

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