Friday, March 18, 2016

Hot Messenger Ramblings and Musings PT.5

 Damn!! here we go again!!  typing on this iPhone and soon transferring thoughts electronically to HP keyboards:  I had more rants and raves. 

A hot messenger with some more hot mess from a bully pulpit like a preacher,  politician or chairman of the board who misbehaves? 

Naw dude!!  the name is not Creflo Dollar /  I'm not Donald Trump or Brian Moynihan, the Bank of America CEO. 

Raw attitude?  don't name the street after me and I don't need a jet I'm rolling in the mothership!!   plus I'm not trying to grab power, plus I didn't contribute to the housing crisis, there are no high tech robberies from this dude!! check the scenario..

A resident of grey area scenarios? well,  I used to be but now I'm more revolutionary,  but in a spiritual nature. 

I wasn't paid off like  Sony did Michael Jackson's estate,  but I'm more like his song Human Nature

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