Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The RTFB Mission Statement

 Random thoughts are expressed:  every now and then, like corporations or other organizations, I have to issue this RTFB aka Random Thoughs From A Brotha  mission statement. 

It's all about being breakbeat scientific!! devils thought they had us stressed, I was told to abort operations!!  had to admit I felt the pressure,  society will show the hatred.

...Plus institutions bait and switch it;  now the product or merchandise is found to be bogus. 

..Plus chaos and confusion related, check the conduct:  how did devil's advocates work it? now Armageddon approaches. 

..per As The Kingdom Falls?   the getaway vehicle stalls!! the vinyl version of Earth Wind and Fire's Getaway  skips due to scratches...

The Scorpion King falls? how will he play? the mothership lands on earth so the funk will play!! O-Dog had fresh batches...

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