Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dealing With Cosmic Karma?

It's like that dance movie my people liked;  *You'll Get Served*

Now *You Got Served* like you were at Red Lobster, a wannabe mobster? soon dealing with *Debatable Circumstances*  /  being built or torn down?  I'll be ready to roll after the scene is observed.

Others swerved!! on this Super Tuesday some were belligerent like Donald Trump,  but check the next episode. 

Others swerved!! Terrible or Terrific Tuesday? what's the perspective? some will stay but soon they'll want to leave like Russia pulling warplanes out of Syria after causing mass hysteria!! check the next episode. 

What's the perspective?  cosmic karma causing an information overload after feeling the pressure?  naw dude!!  I'll serve poetic justice similar to Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson. 

What's the perspective? cosmic karma leading to the transformation into a drug overload like El Chapo?  administering the street code,  cursing like Samuel L Jackson? 

Formations like Beyoncé?  naw dude!!  I'm not about that pop life per Prince!!  I stayed on street corners cursing into the darkness on some Marvin Gaye Inner City Blues  *make you wanna holler stuff*

These days?  cosmic slopping per Funkadelic!! cosmic  karma from "doing the knowledge / paying dues" :  per Roger and Zapp so ruff so tuff? 

The madness wasn't stopping: cosmic karma due to universal rules and principles being ignored led to spiritual warriors being deployed on the frontline. 

Cosmic karma / role reversal made some fools invincible like Golden State Warriors once dwelling at the bottom of the standings!!  losing some due to lack of understanding?  now they want to front on mine. 

Blogster / Reddit and Facebook front on mine!!  damn!! what did I do?  is it Cosmic Karma?

Not a rock star dammit!!  plus your not face to face with a crook,  I'm just ringing the alarm for ya. 

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