Monday, March 14, 2016

Hot Messenger Ramblings and Musings PT.3

 Accused of bringing this hot mess, so I guess you can call me the hot messenger...

I have more ramblings and musings, not amused by these things!! it's rough like a brotha at a Trump Rally: who's trying to mess with ya? 

Instigated by Bernie Sanders proteges?  / armchair quarterback calling plays? campaigns will wreck out like the 100 car pileup that was on I-40 in North Carolina..

...Over by Burlington: you heard son? meanwhile this hot messenger is bringing it back per March Madness!! soon catching wreck like the Tarheels of North Carolina..

How's that working son? naysayers ask me, I tell them I'm chilling in the danger zones!! the home of shady deals!! Reason Gave Way To Madness due to moves made by the Walking Dead..

Barbarisim and chaos awaited these brothas who've been paying the cost!! but lives were lost like at the Ivory Coast hotel attack!!  Lord bless the dead!! 

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