Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? What's The Perspective?

What's the perspective on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? some accused me of having hazardous material, jokers said I'm more mysterious than an X-File..

What's the perspective on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? positive? negative? Amused!! what these #poets have is spiritual, but some jokers are lost,  *everybody ain't able* to grasp the style...

Amused!! dials are turned and buttons are hit by gluttons for punishment!! will they be able to hack the iPhone like the FBI?

Bruised and battered during ongoing battles with heathens and demons!! war reports typed into the iPhone and on HP keyboards, plus O-Dog is down for the cause: why ask why? 

Bruised and battered during ongoing battles like terror attacks in Brussels?  why ask why? it was kind of crazy, heroics were expected from bootleg mechanics.

Then they try to say I'm crazy!!! hustles will get knocked, plus hero ballers were lazy!! they disrespected the game, these stoics and our mathematics.

Those fanatics don't amaze me!! some didn't even qualify for skull and bones.

American Enterprise Institute will recruit them, Trump a dispute with them? beats? we loot them!! erratic with this? please!! O-Dog chopped up So Amazing by Luther Vandross, adjusting bass, trebles and tones.

Americans in pursuit of the prize will loot the treasury!! fanatical with that or this? I'm not trusting those clones, I was wise to the set up.

Mathematical with that or this!!! that's how I deal with the corrupt.

So what's up on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? what's the perspective?  

Going through it with a fresh view / fresh vision!! in spite of the madness, I'm trying to stay positive...

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