Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Morning Blahs / The Easter Holiday Weekend Recap

As we proceed and continue on this Monday morning!! it's the day after Resurrection Sunday!!  this is the Easter Holiday Weekend Recap. 

True indeed it's the culmination of Holy Week!!  the saga / struggle continues per Eoster insurrections!!  in that jam You Gots To Chill EPMD said if you're tired then go take a nap! 

True indeed!!  *holy speak*  was heard from Pope Francis,  will the masses understand this? 

True indeed!! *holy speak* heard from this street corner preacher / blogger, a Captain's Logger: who'll understand this?

True indeed!! that's  per these *Real Deal Holyfield*  tweaks or type of proceedings minus the Mike Tyson ear biting. 

True indeed!!  I was over in Decatur Georgia trying to build with the family eating Easter meals!!  green beans / collard greens / mac and cheese /  barbecued ribs and the children were Tyson chicken biting. 

True indeed!!  just left the streets / the  field!!  now enlightening the masses by conducting seminars and classes,  as the plot is thickening. 

*Monday morning blah proceedings*  don't compare to Belgium terror attacks or Pakistan parks hit up by the Taliban. 

It's foul man!!  word from Kansas fans!!  meanwhile Villanova keeps rolling plus Syracuse  is surprising some. 

It's foul man!!  who'll understand us?  we keep rolling, but  for us?  the game is not over, we're surprising some.

 It's foul man!!  the game is over for some,  the end of Holy Week was the culmination. 

Monday morning blahs are here!! check out this Easter Holiday Weekend Recap!! any happy campers?   for some the outlook is bleak,  they're in a foul situation. 

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