Monday, March 14, 2016

Borderline / On The Edge Rants and Raves PT.5 (Monday Morning Edition)

Once again it's on, as we come through with these *Borderline / On The Edge Rants and Raves*  this is the Monday Morning Edition.

Once again it's on!! what it do? out of order with mine? knowledge is dropped but they say your dude misbehaves!! the Lord I'll have to petition...

It's not easy like Sunday Morning per the Commodores as the masses enter school and corporate doors on this Monday Morning!! 

#SelectionSunday  per March Madness had hoop fans checking the scores!! did your school make it? complex is how the sport can get!! in Louisville there's a lot of loathing / fearing / scorning...

What's up money? there's *slim pickings*  for  LSU and Ben Simmons: per March Madness in the background I hear Donald Trump shouting *get em out of here*  / *you're fired*

What's up money? a lot of picking and grinning in Kentucky as the Wildcats win the SEC and move on to the NCAA: for others the shot clock expired...

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the heart of enemy territory!! God blessed,  per Ms. Peters my fourth grade teacher you can't be lucky!! she also said pay attention to current events so I'm seeing what it do!!

Who'll understand a brotha with these  *Borderline / On The Edge Rants and Raves* ??  but I'm telling my story  / no denial of service attack,  I'm not that type of bro.

Who'll understand a brotha? out by the border with mine!! on the edge, but not about to flip out like the Germanwings Flight 9525 pilot, not foul with it!! not about fame and glory, not that type of bro!! the profile is kept low.

Still moving at a high velocity with the speed you need!! some need to stop chasing,  they can't catch what they can't understand!! please I'm a veteran!! *knowing how it go* 

Playing my position though, check out these  *Borderline / On The Edge Rants and Raves* per this Monday Morning Edition!!  doing what I do, I'm not in denial!!

All up in the spot? they say I'm out of order with mine!!  knowledge is dropped but they say your dude misbehaves!! the Lord I'll have to petition!! it's a blessing to be here but at the same time we're refusing to be here!!  we didn't like the status quo.

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