Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Elaborate Fantasy PT. 3 (The Mixture and The Scripture)

 I mentioned earlier that the construction business is booming!! check out the upsurge!! cats with business suits and blueprint plus those rocking hardhats and lime green safety vest merge..

Who will work with ya? corruptions per Legion Of Doom members is also on the upsurge!! escapism is dominant!! Space Elevators will be built for the urge...

Who will work with ya? the Edgar Winter Group said you can take a Free Ride!! merge your mind, body and soul into the essense, ether or dark matter..

 Who will work with ya? nuclear winter was the promise made by North Korea; minds, bodies and souls blown into the essence,  ether or dark matter?

Elaborate Fantasies are being built, but will it matter? astrologers say Saturn square Neptune will have us coming and going!! we'll be out there, but reality will bring us back...

In the lab with it: who'll understand these? the Brotha O-Zone recognized the pattern after being *way way out there*   now the mothership has landed: guess who's back?

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Elaborate Fantasy PT. 3 (The Mixture and The Scripture)

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