Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Chillling Out On This Terrible / Terrific Tuesday

Chilling out on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, even though that concept is a matter of perspective…

What it do? from EgyptAir hijackings to violence in Chicago dealt with by a new Police Superintendent things can be positive or negative…

We’re trying to get it cracking / get it popping but rumble strips were on the road: damn!! can I live? that  was the question asked!!

Opposition was met like Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice? #TrumpSuperPowers needed? please!! a dude was stressed out, after I multi-tasked!!

Limelight basked but I’m not that man!! I had to sat my ass down somewhere / I had to have a seat!! now I’m outback on my deck per the chronicles; it’s the response to these and those!! soaking up Aries sun rays  soon running plays per spring cleaning / spring training.

Had to admit I was out of it, but not as bad as some people think due to underestimates!!  your dude is maintaining.

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