Thursday, March 17, 2016

Throwback / Thirsty Thursday Rants and Raves

Who's keeping it real compared to what?  like Les McCann, or  updated by John Legend and the Roots?

Choose your poison, it gets way too real like losing your poise in a Donald Trump rally!!  drama will interrupt like ISIS genocide in Syria and still going down in Iraq!! evil in the roots?

I bring the noise in!! O-Dog knew the deal!! he kept drumming, plus he banged on the piano..

O-Zone knew the deal, I go back,  a throwback but still futuristic!!
moving forward!! one step ahead of intergalactic stormtroopers and Hunger Game Peacekeepers as they creep up on us!!  so what's up with us? the  Mothership / hooptie is barely rolling down I-20 in Atlanta as lights blink on the instrument panel!!
Danger zone business is way too real!!  damn!! I'm still hungry and thirsty and reminded of it on this Thursday!! 

Doing the knowledge, trying to find the prognosis, but they say this brotha is more mysterious than an X-file, but unlike Mitch McConnell blocking Supreme Court nominees: please!! who'll work with me? 

Doing the knowledge on a Throwback Thursday: reminded of lethal doses of racism per Mitch McConnell back in Louisville / Newburg days...

Doing the knowledge on a Throwback / Thirsty Thursday: rapped with old dude who was also still hungry and thirsty, he hoped there wasn't lethal doses of radiation administered due to the cancer; mentioned a vegetable diet with flaxseeds vs greasy foods black liquor and weed from back in those days...

I told him right on brother!! meanwhile these rays of light shine *all up in the spot*  where some of my people are waiting in the was like a family reunion..

Willie Hutch told them *brothers are gonna work it out* on the Throwback Thursday tip but situations were still hot due to the hating: vehicles were in park, waiting on a deal like with Turkey and The European Union...

We come through in the clutch dropping this good word and the brand new funk, no El Chapo drug ballads or *Narco-corridos

We come through in the clutch on the Throwback Thursday tip: hungry and thirsty with it,  exhibited by these rants and raves!! dropping breakbeat science for my *peoples*

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