Sunday, March 13, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles / The Spring Forward Edition

We're  moving forward / we spring forward due to daylight saving time!! oh!! but we're still out here on I-20 in Atlanta dipping and diving. 

Listening to Sade, is it a crime?  reminded that we're dealing with the onslaught like we were at a Donald Trump rally!!  we'll shut it down like in Chicago,  soon we're arriving. 

Hell is caught per Natalie Cole *may she rest in paradise* /  meanwhile we're surviving, but it *ain't all nice* we're  dealing with the victories and defeats. 

...Down I-20 we continue to roll;  winning like Golden State Warriors and losing like Philly 76ers:  it's rough out in these streets. 

What's up money?  we're following Jill Scott's advice, living our life like it's golden, repelling the hate!! these spiritual warriors use funk from these streets!!  plus this good word is used as a weapon. 

We keep fighting like it's  ISIS in the Mideast!! but it's like Chicago music / jams we keep stepping. 

Enlightening the masses during the ongoing crisis,  not playing truth games like presidential candidates,  stretching the truth or reality as they know it. 

We spring forward like adjusting the clock!! will  we continue to rock?  you know it!!

We spring forward trusting in the Lord as devil's advocates knock the hustle, rushing the stage like I was Donald Trump...

We spring forward trusting in the Lord!! we're back with this flexing mental and physical muscle!! during this critical stage this good word is dropped and the beats thump...
We spring forward trusting in the Lord!! now getting over the hump / putting work in is the mission as we continue to dip down I-20 in Atlanta!

We exercise power like a forward as we continue this mission!! it's a big world maybe somebody will understand a brotha!!

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