Saturday, March 26, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles:Back On Schedule / Still Doing The Knowledge

What's The Prognosis? analyzed the situation while dipping down I-20 in Atlanta: So now what's up? I stop, drop and roll!! like I was on fire.

But actually I was thrown under the bus!!! I was  just trying to dodge a tire!!

That's how it is in Dodge City!!!  but I dont think we're in Kansas!! I'm trying to dodge the umpire and the empire.

Jokers holler fire in the hole!! damn!!  the Dodge Ram dipped through Atlanta streets after ear shattering gunshots exploded!! it was  like I was in Chicago!!! damn!! I'm seeing that there's no pity!!  *no roger, copy*  to tell me or Gonzaga the shot clock will expire.

Seeing that there's no pity!! but your dude is back on schedule!! who's trying to inspire?  like Trump vs Cruz per the #CruzSexScandal folk are just knocking the hustle.

Seeing that there's no pity but your dude is back on schedule as I dip through the big city: who got gaffled? no support?  not having any muscle? 

Seeing that there's no pity as I dip through the big city!! who's baffled by the proceedings?  they'll try to blow it up like ISIS in Brussels, the story is unfolding as we speak..

Seeing that there's no pity, but my constituents buy suits, dresses and fix / cut  hair as they try to get cute or pretty for Easter Sunday, the culmination of Holy Week..

Its not Easy like Sunday Morning per the Commodores as we come through these doors, back on schedule doing the knowledge on this Saturday morning... 

Sliding through portals, doors and black holes as the mothership gets good mileage!! soon rebuking those fearing / loathing / scorning...

We're seeing how the sport goes on this Saturday morning!! doing the knowledge based on these journeys down I-20 in Atlanta...

We had another chance to bring these chronicles; who'll understand a brotha?

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