Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Funky Dance House 2023 by Philgood 5336 Mix

 Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out as we proceed and continue; what's on the menu? on this Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way? we're accenting terrific outcomes so let's keep this thing going!

True indeed! one thing you can count on is breakbeat science will be on the menu per enhancing these lab techniques as we go for what we're knowing!

Back in the day? lights blinked on the instrument panel while we were flowing through the stream of consciousness in the old beat up broke down hooptie trying not to draw attention!

Low key with it; but I spotted Hector with the immigrant status up in the GMC Denali with rims on it..riding down Buford Highway in Atlanta..packages with controlled substances were delivered...in another way?..he was also trying not to draw attention!

What will the style be? per this New Moon in Aries we knew jokers wouldn't be fair with these as we checked the doors and windows of opportunity; these dual dimension navigators exercise diplomatic immunity; now they're falling through!

Checked the scores on ESPN for the NBA or even College Basketball March Madness,   what? don't tell me  were all caught up in the system  / matrix  / madness so I guess plans are falling through!

Respect to the game is shown, do your thing! in the meantime or between time we’re falling through with this Funky Dance House 2023 by Philgood 5336 Mix

Check out the playlist and the mix as we O-Dog Day Party to this as we get breakbeat scientific!

1: Louie Vega - I Hear Music In The Streets (Touch Mix) 

2: Romanthony - Bring U Up (PBR Streetgang Remix) 

3: Sebb Junior - Sometimes (Extended Mix) 

4: Yescene - Bad Habit (DJ Vartan & Techcrasher Remix) 

5: The Shapeshifters - Tell Me It's Not Over (feat. Adi Oasis) (Extended Mix Mixed)

6: Eugenio Fico - Bad Girlz (Original Mix) 

7: DJ Cassidy - Calling All Hearts (feat. Robin Thicke & Jessie J) (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper Remix) 

8: Soul Divide - Rejoice (Sammy Deuce Extended Remix) 

9: Jay Vegas - Body & Soul (Original Mix) 

10: Dzialach - Let's Dance 

11: The Fog - Been a Long Time (Mark Knight Remix) 

12: Rosario Galati - I Don't Need You (Holter & Mogyoro Remix)

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