Friday, March 03, 2023

I Guess It’s The Times We’re Living In (Part Four)

Catch me out here enhancing these lab techniques on a Fabulous Friday, it's a blessing to be here!

Catch me out here advancing these concepts after doing the knowledge, checking the archives on a Flashback Friday type of vibe; it had me way way out there!

What's the prognosis? I determined it's all game, I guess it's the times we're living in! catch me still moving forward, moving on to the next! catch me out here turning pages. 

Encouraged, determined! adrenaline is high, pulse racing! energized with waltzing heartbeats. 

Disencouraged? working it all out but sometimes everything is not working I guess it's the times we're living in! that absence of opulence enrages!

But we're going the distance, in this ongoing spiritual warfare we've got boots on the ground / taking it to the streets...

...per Flashback Friday;  its like the Doobie Brothers even though society is acting brand new with these brothas!

I guess it's the times we're living in, it's all game! when we try to spark the flame? the system tries to smother...; but a brotha continues to get breakbeat scientific; digital crate digging continues plus we're going about the business of words, this poetry / lore. 

Funk is dropped like a Funkadelic, can you get to that? but naysayers will claim we have a psychedelic rhetoric! going all out with tripping words, after the score?

Thought and fashion police escorted me from the premises, like the Wagner Group telling Zelensky he should leave Bakhmut Ukraine  so what's up man? tripping as I go out the door, my moment of fame / glory?

Is that my narrative? I guess it's the times we're living in but I was told,it was a rat race / dog eat dog world by Mr Cole up in Louisville so I knew the deal plus the old school Baptist preacher told me to do my thing; just write your story!

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