Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Cotonete vs Dimitri From Paris ‎– The Hustle Parisian

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; I think I “took and told y’all” earlier that things can go either way…
…also told y’all about praying and claiming the terrific outcome as we celebrate, pulling out the drum so we can let the music play..
The O-Dog Day Party is underway, this is how we’ll play!! providing encouragement to the masses…
Told a naysayer not to start with me!! rolling up like Mitch McConnell aka Moscow Mitch aka Midnight Mitch with the unfair sales pitch concerning rules for the Trump Impeachment trail in the Senate; rolling like the Houston Astros cheating for the pennant? Malcolm Xmentioned bamboozling and hoodwinking the masses..
We’ll conduct seminars and classes like MLK back in the day, the drum major for justice / peace / righteousness ..
Our conduct? erasing these scars with the sound!! let the music play we’re soothed by the drum, it’s major!! listening to Cotonete vsDimitri From Paris with The Hustle Parisian
Our conduct? from Atlanta to Hong Kong we’re trying to get our spiritual hustle on, even over in Paris, who’s fair with this? 
The conduct? check out the players and  the sound as we party with a purpose!!

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