Friday, January 31, 2020

Deep & Techy Mix Jan 2020

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; excuse us as we take it back to the future..

Check these menus, still rocking my Throwback Thursday outfit like I was hustler in the hood grinding 24 /7; rolling with the number 20 Barry Sanders throwback jersey and the 05 Fubu hat; switching up clothes in a little while, but no style and profile / acting brand new with ya..

Check these menus, who'll work with me like I'm Bernie Sanders painting a pretty picture  as I serve these broths and elixirs?  Bernie vs Joe Biden is where the drama is..

The saga / struggle continues, work with me as I get that in!! another way of saying life goes on!! can't wait on Justice John Roberts, Mitt Romney or John Bolton to save me; that's where the drama is!!

The fix is in, a brotha is wise to the whole set up so I'll cue up the sound to get my people up after cashing reality checks and making sound effects..

The fix is in per the DJ; O-Dog Day Partying per this Deep and Techy Mix Jan 2020 courtesy of DJ Steve Adams!! check the playlist and the mix this cat is jamming!! he's catching wreck!!

1. Mendeler - Deep In Me
2. Gina V - Burning Me
3. Sinner & James - Deep Inside
4. Sugar Hill - Gonna Get Up (Ride On Time)
5. Alaia & Gallo ft Rion S. - Higher
6. Jo Manji & Newman ft The Jets - You Found Out !
7. DJ PP & Thousand Nights & Sinner & James - Show Me Love (Sinner & James Remix)
8. The Cube Guys - Plastic Dreams (Cubed Remix 2020)
9. Matt Caseli & David Jimenez - Can U Feel It (Original Club Mix)
10. Milk Bar & Santarini & Antonio Contino - Manhattan
11. Soulvation - Devotion (Block & Crown Club Mix)
12. Block & Crown, Lissat ft Sharon Hairston - Hands Together
13. Lewis - Love Like
14. Moreno Pezzolato ft Octahvia - Never Leave You (Uh Oooh, Uh Oooh)
15. Lexa Hill - Know It's Love
16. Luca Debonaire & Tony Ruiz - Turn Up!

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