Friday, January 17, 2020

Methods To The Madness (Part Four)

Once again it's on!! it's another Flashback Friday as we get retro - futuristic with it /  taking it back to the future..

Once again it's on, as life goes on; usually saying the saga / struggle continues; we're back but not acting brand new with ya...

...acting like Donald Trump not knowing Lev Parnas as he reveals the details of the Ukraine business to Rachel Maddow..

We're trying to get over the hump as reality throws curve balls at us!!  it's rough, we couldn't pick up the signals like the Houston Astros..

We're trying to get over the hump as methods to the madness are developed, not the last to know we're out here doing the knowledge..

We're trying to get over the hump as methods to the madness are developed, we're rolling!! the mothership gets good mileage!!

So what's really going on?  your dude is weather forecasting like Al Roker, out here  reading the teleprompter to see what it do / what it does. 

I-20 Chronicling,  dipping!! Sonic Assaulting a foul joker that's tripping!! broadcasting  live and direct from Atlanta, putting it down from the West End to Conyers. 

Dropping science like John Conyers!! may he rest in peace / power along with my dude Nitt Pitino who dropped science from another perspective..

 ...not like the old school player over at the West End Mall telling the young cat he was going to take his Commodore's Brick House; disrespecting!!

 ...told the young cat he had all the money, he's all up in the house!!   it wasn't tricking if he had it; I guess that was his method to the madness..

So what's up with that? they'll have to go on with that it's rough out here!! your dude had to come up with these breakbeat scientific methods to the madness..

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