Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Methods To The Madness (Part One)

Methods and means to the madness?  they're plenty of them, but if I told people what, how, or why? I would have to shoot them!!

Affected by the madness? it's crazy!! like the Luther track it didn't "so amaze me"; old dude from Louisville / Newburg Mr. Cole said "it's a rat race / dog eat dog world";  co -signed by the Souljazz Orchestra, those that orchestrated capers like the Trump Crime Syndicate?   corrupt with it!! treasuries? crooks loot them.

Wrecked it!! what, the vehicle? messed up during the caper over in Decatur found later over off of Moreland Avenue in Atlanta, driven by a lazy one caught up in so called pleasure; they  didn't pay attention.

Methods and means to the madness? said they were broke, the economy is bad for some the so called GOP Tax Cuts didn't help them!! but had to tell them,  I saw them swerving.

Observing these scenes;  heard laughter from the inside joke; John Bolton wanting to testify after he's satisfied by the dust up with Iran? so what's up man? who's being bamboozled or hoodwinked?

Swerving with new and improved methods to the madness in 2020, rolling into the 2020's decade exposing the charade; don't get me wrong, broken beats and English are the strategy!!  O-Dog / O-Dizzle / O-Deezy vs O-Zone?  alter egos in sync, linked.

Swerving with new and improved methods to the madness in 2020? some won't be on point / on the money!! others stared into the eye of the tiger and blinked; eyes watering.

...or maybe even crossed!!  old school hip hop terminology? they fronted / flossed,  today some even said they bossed, so who are they bothering?

Coins were tossed, heads or tails? dice were rolled / cards played during the ongoing charade, so who'll work with me? naysayers made plans for smothering the flame!!

The Brotha O-Zone was using breakbeat scientific principles; he  already told you it's all game 

In Iraq robots / drones hit up Qasem Soleimani, already told you it's all game, so what it do / what it does?  we'll rock these zones on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can play out either way

Check the method to the madness, claiming the terrific outcome pulling out this good word and the drum; we'll follow out motto; "Let The Music Play"

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