Monday, January 20, 2020

Funky Disco House By Cole 2020

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday, excuse us as we get off to a late start..

The saga / struggle continues; life goes on!! don't lose us!! errors made are from the mind not the heart...

Oh no!! no hatred in the heart!! big hearted like Nitt Pitino was but is there any reciprocation?

Going for what we know!!  rolling like that drum major for justice / peace / righteousness aka MLK, we'll let the music play as we rock the nation..

Going for what we know!! the funky drumming is major!! we're listening to this Funky Disco House By Cole 2020...

Going for what we know!! check out the playlist and the mix, a major party foing down on this Monday!!

01. Ruben Naess - Jump (Original Mix)
02. Agent Stereo - L.A. 2 Chicago (Original Mix)
03. Makito - Be With You (Original Mix)
04. Mirko & Meex - Laidback (Original Mix)
05. Danny Cruz - Nothing Can Come Between Us (Original Mix)
06. Luca Debonaire & Tommy B - I've Been Thinking About You (Original Mix)
07. Mirko & Meex - Two People (Original Mix)
08. Earth n Days - Sunny Day (Vocal Mix)
09. Crazibiza - Wackass (House of Prayers Remix)
10. Soul Reductions - Got 2 Be Loved (Extended Mix)

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