Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Methods To The Madness (Part Five)

We're trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza; we may need new and improved methods to the madness..

My dude Young Nitt mentioned doing that Hump Thang, may he rest in peace / power / paradise; "it ain't nothing nice" but we're back with this..

The attitude? back with it keeping the Legacy going like it was a Subaru so what it do? check us out, being retrospective per being introspective; per the coronavirus areas are disinfected.

In 2020? there seems to be a weird energy,  20 /20 hindsight used to get our minds right;  insight gathered after being disrespected.

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta understanding that it's expected per the ways of the Babylonian.

Rolling!! methods to the madness developed as  the saga / struggle continues;  life goes on / toil and strife?  it's on once again.

Rolling!!  a brothas in the huddle like Patrick Mahomes calling plays plus he prays;  Lord Have Mercy is the battle cry!! 

Rolling!!  another's struggles intersects /  interfaces with ours,  plus we're trying to heal scars after another lies.

Methods to the madness involved trying a little tenderness like Otis Redding but others are begetting chaos and mayhem.

Methods to the madness developed!! trying to deal with this deploying secret weapons, plus  we kept on praying.

Methods to the madness developed!! real with this, we kept on playing like NBA players even though it's rough since Kobe Bryant died..

Methods to the madness developed!! real with this, we kept on playing!! like Jack Black and CeCe Rogers mentioned it's about Freedom!! still rolling, defiant as we continue to ride!!

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