Sunday, January 03, 2021

How Will We Play It? We’ll Be Laying In The Cut (Part One)

 2021 is here; it’s a blessing to be here but they said something’s missing..

Come undone? out here struggling like in 2020? no resolution for the solution? No revolution? The GOP mentions no recognition of the Biden election plus Georgia will determine the country’s direction

An institution will continue to have us stressed? accenting our imperfections.
So how will we play it? avoiding the confusion; take a day at a time, pray and hope for the best..

The illusion is hard for some to deal with like Trump pressuring Georgia to change votes; The Secretary of State is stressed

How will I play it? this Louisville / Midwest representative ignored the drama royalty!

It’s a new year; prayed about it now laying in the cut down here in Atlanta with these ATLiens; they weren't so fresh and so clean like OutKast  but all agreements are just tentative soon the guns blast like Lenox Mall; jokers are trying to see if anybody shows loyalty!

How will we play it? our boy will be laying in the cut; minding and tending 

Holla atcha boy!! playing this hand I was dealt..providing this good word and beat blending! 

A bruh is exposing societies wrongs! check the weapons used and abused; O-Dizzle mixed breakbeats and O-Zone is cashing reality checks; they both get remixed!

Middle passage descendants knowing how real it is! How will we play it?  we’re laying in the cut, breakbeat science is kicked!

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