Sunday, January 10, 2021

How Will We Play It? We’ll Be Laying In The Cut: Part Three

How will we play it on this cold Sunday morning in Atlanta? you can catch us laying in the cut..

Per this Georgia Senate Runoff election won by Warnock and Ossoff to the Trump insurrection the first ten days of 2021 have been a long ten years; staying strong not shedding tears, not playing around with the corrupt.

Out in Georgia? I-20 in Atlanta was the runway to the universe!! your dude is
Intergalactic! catch me on patrol out by Pluto and Mars..  

Laying in the cut while out there, your dude was enjoying the scenery!! the satin shadows were smooth as silk, good for hiding the scars.  

Praying for the corrupt that polluted the atmosphere supposedly exercising profiles in courage? they were full of bluster, boisterous like they were drunk so it's more like courage in a bottle.  

How will we play it? breakbeat scientific styles flexed during the ongoing meltdown!! bear witness to how we put it down, yesterday / today / the next day? dropping the funk, while holding it down, but being humble / modest. 

The squad gets busy, broadcasting live from this remote outpost due to the rise in Covid 19; even listening to quarantine mixes while we're in quarantine.
Rocking this, from Atlanta to your area!! dropping the beat and a quote or two to let my people know what it do, when we're on the scene..
Out there on the scene, rocking the mask and social distancing out here in this apocalyptic scenery due to the Covid 19 affected economy; out in meandering pathways of lost hope?  

How will we play it? nervous? exhibiting no intrigue for roads not taken, just laying in the cut I'll cope.  

I'll abstain, won't complain I'll keep living!! took the scenic route, sometimes lost but not asking where does it end.  

No pain / no gain was the catch phrase; check how we go all out, we'll keep playing to the end ..

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