Monday, January 18, 2021

How Will We Play It? We’ll Be Laying In The Cut (Part Seven)

 We’re chilling out in the lab on this MLK Day; this is how we’ll play it..

We’re laying in the cut recharging batteries after reality battered me soon we’ll be ready to play it! 

What? That good music plus O -Zone will say it with this good word...

That’s how we’re playing it in this danger zone once again it’s on; you heard?

Peeped game based on what occurred like this Trump insurrection..

Not asleep in the game but laying in the cut due to the Covid 19 pandemic in this and that section.,

Capricorn season comes to a close; now it’s already the Age of Aquarius with Jupiter and Saturn there, now the Sun is there..

Built or torn down per the Debatable Circumstances? How Will We Play It? some will take chances while they’re out there...

Soon caught out there, looking for an angel Like the Aretha Franklin song, some wonder do angels dream? inquiring minds were asking.

An oddity; angels? some asking if they’re wrong? they’re usually on assignment, that team usually does God’s bidding! Vulnerability shown, so how will they play it? looking out for their own kind when there’s a stake in it? Equality for all stakeholders? We’re laying in the cut peeping game, Hmm; We Had To Think About It!

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