Sunday, January 31, 2021

Gabriele Poso - Until Our Work It's Done (Boddhi Satva's Ancestral Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues check us out!! we're chilling / quarantining in the lab; that Covid 19 threat is still out there... the old school Baptist preacher would have said this Sunday morning; govern yourself accordingly while you're out there!!

Meanwhile we'll take it there, also peeping game exhibited by these Trump insurgents we see how they're working it!!

Jokers our fake out here, a lot of pseudo patriots showing hate with that and this; oh yeah!! we see how they're working it!!

We've got plenty of work to do getting breakbeat scientific!! like Gabriele Poso  we can't stop Until Our Work It's Done..

This is Boddhi Satva's Ancestral Remix, check it out the spirits of the ancestors are "all up in it"; naysayers will say we're on one!!


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