Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The I-20 Chronicles / Of Course, We're Still Out Here!!

Check us out as this HumpDay Extravaganza segment goes down; we're broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta...

Oh yes!! we're still out here dropping these chronicles it's the response to these and those; it's a big world / universe somebody will understand a brotha!!

Who's responsible for these and those episodes? per the Trump insurrection we can see corrupt ones pull rank; very influential.  

Repeated history? future episodes, January 6th, 2021 a practice run / training exercise? The wicked were doing a reverse exorcist after peeping through souls.  

Defeated history? they checked the modes for no confidence / low self esteem; those conditions spotted? they don't care, you're ripe for the harvest!  

Sweet misery per aspartame? corporate is how they'll respond to this but we'll continue to get breakbeat scientific while out here on I-20 in Atlanta in this traffic / in the heart of this!
Now we're parking this mothership at the lab; breakfast is served, turn the pot off! The flame is dying slowly.  

A brotha gets breakbeat scientific that's how a dude swerved, all up in the spot going off with the sound plus composing these emotions! it's on me!  

Every now and then making an appearance out in these Atlanta streets; masking and social distancing this Covid 19 is not disappearing!! a catastrophe causing commotions.

Every now and then dealing with interference from the wannabe thought and fashion police; they've got me asking when will the madness cease? they lost me I had other notions.
Representing, dropping these defense motions!! at the end of the day diplomatic immunity is exercised..

Representing!! the Lord is with us!! still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta of course we're still out here!! for freedom a dude rides!!

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