Friday, January 29, 2021

The I-20 Chronicles (Another Full Moon Edition)

On this Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday?  I had to keep reminding them and those; we’re still broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I -20 in Atlanta.

Reminding people with these chronicles this is no jive somebody will understand a brotha!

Last night? I rose in the middle of the night; I peeped  outside at the elegant gift..

....of the Leo Full Moon; beautiful! but it’s still rough out here! even Neo wouldn’t swoon up in the Matrix.
Looked in the mirror; realized we didn’t need another hero per Tina Turner Oh!! the horrors and terrors haven’t gone anywhere! remains of the ceremony are saved in my database! not a slow learner.

The Sonic Assault is the response to the madness; a page turner  back with this, so what's up with me? Dark Mystery of Time and Space  is studied! to these breakbeat scientific studies? we stay devoted!

Lessons taught by cashing checks....that's what's up with me! still out here rolling down I -20 in Atlanta Georgia ground zero for voter suppression  but during the past elections we voted..

...At intersections? cameras caught those speeding through on red...authorities are ticketing!

Plus authorities were nit picking on these jobs; damn! Do these so called Essential workers need to start picketing?

Breakbeat scientific knowledge? we’re still kicking it broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I -20 in Atlanta.

Illuminated like this Leo Full Moon! We’ll see ya real soon! catch us out here, somebody will understand a brotha!

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