Monday, February 01, 2021

The Conquest

 Another Monday morning has pulled up on us; we’re getting our minds right, we’re up and at it!

Once again it’s on! sonic assaults are unleashed check the steady bombardment of the enemy positions leading to the conquest!

Already mentioned that the sport is complex it’s continuous  / it’s been like this  / ain’t a damn thing changed!

Paid attention even though we’re broke  / but we’re going for broke dropping this good word and beats that bang!

A testy demeanor is displayed due to the ongoing dervishes of derelict demons...

Jokers were rushing the Capitol per the Trump insurrection now their constituents break off into sections..

Now check us out as we come through with Beats that bump in your section but at that intersection others were lackadaisical ignoring reality’s demands.

Things too complex like I mentioned the sport was? the condition? harsh is how it was in these lands..

We’re coming through, check the conquest as we get things off our chest per moving into this new month of February..

Moving forward, it’s still Aquarius season  but check the state of the union per the nefarious treason ; O-Zone is ready  to put on the boxing glove ; to some things are scary!

The boxing match is under way! a dude is playing it like Muhammad Ali  a fellow Louisvillian; to my people I show love..

They’re fellow conquerors trying to get over! bear witness to the conquest! utilizing blessings from up above..

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