Saturday, February 06, 2021

The Conquest (Part Three)

 The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on / toil and strife goes; we’re broadcasting live from the frontlines of spiritual warfare.

Trying to avoid the conquest plus attempting a conquest of our own; once again it’s on as we try to take it there!

Knowing these jokers aren’t fair; we’ll have to cut them off like Trump not receiving intelligence briefings.

...from Joe Biden; meanwhile for freedom we keep riding enjoying life, realizing it’s a brief thing!

On a mission, conquering ourselves and then the world, our purpose is not forgotten!

Oh no! we’re still out here getting breakbeat scientific, we’re practicing by by Shadow Boxing.

Soon confronting those scheming and plotting; they’ll lose their platform like Lou Dobbs.

We’re not fronting / faking we’re doing the damn thing! but due to guilt by association they say this Louisvillian / Louisvillain just steals / robs..

Meanwhile Trump and his insurgents couldn’t Stop the steal; their so called conquest met resistance.

Meanwhile beats bump and this good word is dropped; weapons used in our conquest! we’re showing persistence.

Those are the weapons utilized in this conquest; in the secret garden, the soil is cultivated

Check the style; pursuing the conquest getting over the hump is the business! the beloved mark soon reached? resistance was provided by those that hated!

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