Thursday, February 04, 2021

Johnny M - Chill Horizons 02 | Deluxe Chill & Downtempo Relaxing Music |...

Digital crate digging continues on this Throwback Thursday / Thankful Thursday; we're playing it both ways..

Check out these menus as we take it back to the future as we drop this good word and this good music plays!!

What's good? things are a mess right now as an alternate reality interferes with the real; similar to the GOP embracing QAnon principles?

...put forth by Marjorie Taylor Greene, but they kept Liz Cheney on the scene; different factions residing  under so called big tents; supposedly..

O-Zone mentioned elaborate fantasies previously per that  Throwback Thursday strategy!! past concepts "holla at me" relevant to these days and times..

It's on!!  we're back at it please believe me we're  chilling out trying to avoid the madness displayed in these days and times...

Chilling out listening to Johnny M - Chill Horizons 02 | Deluxe Chill & Downtempo Relaxing Music | M-Sol Records...

Check out the playlist and the mix, were Afternoon Jazzing / Chill Hopping / Jazz Hopping; per the  legalese? let it be reflected in the records!!


01. Marie Therese - Drive Your Way (Original Mix) 00:00  

02. Simon Le Grec - Look At Me (Original Mix) 04:25  

03. Viktor (UA) - Watercolor (Original Mix) 07:51  

04. The Soul Crusaders - Open Sea (Original Mix)12:24  

05. Chillson - Vintage Life (Original Mix) 15:39  

06. Nexus 5 - No Sleep (Original Mix) 19:34  

07. Chris Le Blanc - The Southside And The Blues (Original Mix) 23:28 

08. Marie Therese - Magic Of The Night (Original Mix) 26:41  

09. Martin Liege - Chillin In La (Original Mix) 30:15  

10. Roberto Sol - No Need To Hurry (Original Mix) 33:31  

11. Marga Sol - Beautiful & Bitter (Original Mix) 37:48  

12. Chillson - A Lifetime (Original Mix) 41:26  

13. Peter Pearson - Affairs Of The Heart (Original Mix) 45:26  

14. Finland & Aaskoven - La Balbianello (Original Mix) 49:04  

15. Project Blue Sun - After The Dark (Original Mix) 53:53


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