Monday, February 15, 2021

The Conquest ( Part Seven)

 Check us out as we proceed and continue even on this so called holiday. 

It’s a Presidents Day, but I mentioned previously we see how these presidents play per the Trump Impeachment hearings but GOP senators let him off the hook; what more can I say?

Check out the Conquest as we weaponize this good word and let the music play when we go into battle.

Cons that are on a quest get rebuked it’ll seem like they got nuked when we come through in the Chevy Impala with the 808 booming;  per the Sonic Assault the trunk will rattle.

Check out this good word; hostility being written or psalms of love and wonder?

Like this Texas winter storm with secessionists like Ted Cruz now wanting to be the norm asking for aid; polar opposites during polar vortex season? exposed per the natural wonder. Firewood burning / coal smoldering; heads shouldering visions that are psychedelic but after the high wears off soon wistful. O-Zone? clear headed not distracted! Random thoughts abstracted but Blue collar , the manner is not lackadaisical.

Check out the Conquest; we’re on these scenes getting breakbeat scientific !! the human genome project became a sonic one!

Check out the Conquest as we float down streams of consciousness; O-Zone told them he’s not the one! 

O-Dizzle is in the lab conducting sonic rehab; Dark Mysteries of Time and Space studied....similar to scientists firing up The Hadron Collider 

Riddles are solved..noticed the fire is fully involved...The Saga / Struggle Continues..but they can't stop this freedom rider...

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