Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Conquest (Part Five)

 Check us out as we get this HumpDay Extravaganza underway; of course we’re trying to get over the hump!

That’s the business, we’re in pursuit of it / on a Conquest! no shady business like a con on a quest per four years of Donald Trump.

...who’s now facing repercussions for starting an insurrection meanwhile we’re bringing beats that bump to your section.

Utilizing percussions and these discussions as weapons on this Conquest as we pull up on their section.

Doing the knowledge while on this conquest; prior  harsh conditions led to shockwaves through the rest of time.

Prior episodes? couldn’t get them off my mind, started using music as inspiration, a security blanket of mine. Playing it like Linus? naw! on frontlines of spiritual warfare is where you’ll find us but naysayers say arrogance is exhibited in these so called pointless endeavors!

An exercise in futility? naw!! We’re not trying to be collateral damage or another casualty! another secret weapon? this poetry! wrote while in the lab adjusting bass and treble.

So whats done? check the Conquest, it’s going down! It’s Got To Be Real  is what Cheryl Lynn said but this is no love fest; my folks are under duress! 

Whats really going on? shadetree mechanics were spotted with screwdrivers and wrenches talking about they had a cure for this!

Now revolutions / evolutions will take place as we launch this Conquest, so who’s all up in the house? naysayers will hate in some players  / some will wonder about about the function!

As we go all out with this!! the train of thought is rolling! thought police will try to derail it and the fashion police are mad about the wardrobe malfunction.

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