Monday, February 08, 2021

The Conquest (Part Four)

Sunday morning? Frontlines of spiritual warfare information was provided for the Conquest. 

Plus Pressure Drop mentioned Using the Warrior Sound weaponized to stop the madness.

Plus O-Zone mentioned Shadow Boxing we’re coming out of the shadows rocking no longer Waiting In The Dark.

Monday morning? It’s on! those in the shadows lurking will get confronted check out the Conquest we’re rolling! these vehicles aren’t in park!

Check the conquest, pushing and shoving like Tampa Bay bullying Kansas City in Super Bowl 55?

Others stressed saying it’s all love but due to conditioning none was shown in return; something about folks being full of jive!

..Said it’s all love like Teddy Pendergrass ; lights turned off and a candle will burn.

But a vandal or so called graffiti artist on a Conquest took their turn...

... tagging the structure!  striking back at the empire said it was trying to corrupt ya!

Meals were prepared by chefs from Hell’s Kitchen; per this Conquest we try to shut it down like we’re the health department; answering the questions for those asking O -Zone; what’s up with ya?

O-Dizzle has the funky drummer drumming that’s a weapon he uses in this Conquest.

Who is he? dude said act like you knew it but watch your mouth! some people contribute to the ongoing madness.

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