Sunday, February 28, 2021

What’s Beneath The Surface? (Part Three)

 On this Sunday morning? I’m reflecting / contemplating / chilling out behind the scenes!

But still putting work in Doing the math / knowledge trying to determine what it all means!

What’s beneath the surface? how will these and those work this?

Based on previous Sunday morning episodes? The old school Baptist preacher warned us that the devil is opposing this!

Mentioned  Chilling on the Seaboard earlier, the Atlantic  Coast! what’s beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean? I spotted the sharks in the sunshine!

Paid attention as shady ones brag / boast; just sharks on Wall Street! a Natural Progression of another kind? Per Biden Syria bombings or even Saudi Arabia vs Yemen some will sugarcoat war machine styles that are inhumane. Looked beneath the surface it’s just that perpetual materialistic stylistic! you know these capitalists will try maintain!

Sunday morning vibes exhibited when  I typed this; just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in per Kenny Rogers and The First Edition.

What’s going on with the tribe? looking beneath the surface per this history in the making as February Black History Month comes to a close exposing how we’re living?

What’s beneath the surface? approaching the anniversary of Covid 19 per 500, 000 deaths  / when tyrants caused a lockdown / shutdown!

Spotted how jokers work that and this; knowing what the hype is! but ministers can read you your last rites, ashes to ashes dust to dust! but the Lord blessed us! Per Donnie McClurkin we get up after we all fell down!!

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