Friday, February 12, 2021

The Conquest (Part Six)

 Flashback Friday business? oh yeah! best believe that we’re on top of it!

Fabulous Friday business? oh yeah! it’s a blessing to be here so we’ll put it down! we won’t quit or stop it!

Naysayers tell us to drop it, sounding like the GOP defending Trump during the impeachment hearings.

These players will hip hop it even jazz or funk it up when we launch this Sonic Assault while on this Conquest; dealing with the loathing and fearing. 

Naysayers knock the hustle, said we’re arrogant in our desperate attempt at a life.

We’re just players caught out there with others caught up in the system / matrix / in the schism; like my constituents with bad water in Flint Michigan still dealing with toil and strife. Saying prayers, reflecting on this Flashback Friday, some of my constituents once bloomed like roses, a long lost status? Saying prayers at this New Moon in Aquarius but still dealing with the nefarious, dawn of the doomed? who opposes? the devil and his advocates.

These players will Conquer this territory the Lord enlarged for us, it’s hard work but someone has to do it! Flashback Friday?  blue collar ways   we channel!

Other players  are going all out!! clashing with them it's exciting! back in the day? wearing White Air Force Ones..baggie jeans and long white tees replaced Chucks, khakis and flannel!

Whatcha know? we're in the Lion's Den like Daniel...but soon leaving check the Conquest as we proceed and continue...

Whatcha know? we couldn't go with the flow....this good word and the brand new funk are on the menu...

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