Sunday, February 14, 2021

DJ Cam - Innervisions Flytronix remix

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as Sunday afternoon transitions into a Sunday evening... 

Some will spaz, no love shown even though it's Valentines Day but some say it's corporate; that's what they're believing..

Some will razz you up in this sport, say you're underachieving!! telling you to abort operations? they'll have you out here Shadow Boxing!!

Do the math, add it up!! keep believing then check out the Natural Progression!!  stay on point though jokers are lurking in the shadows hustle knocking!

Go deep!! DJ Cam mentioned  Innervisions (Flytronix Mix) as we stay up in the mix rocking it during this Sunday Jazz segment..

It's deep!! some trip hop / jazzhop with some drum and bass flourishes providing nourishment on this Sunday night as we provide this bonus coverage; can you dig it?


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