Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Conquest (Part Eight)

 We’re still trying to get over the hump per this HumpDay Extravaganza in these final hours of Aquarius season.

Check out the Conquest, we aren’t cons on a quest, nefarious ones with the treason. Trump insurgents that’s not how we’re trying to work this as we move into Pisces season; after Sunday’s Valentines Day players sound like Luther Vandross with Give Me A Reason To Want You Back!

Beats bump that’s how we’re working it during the ongoing crisis plus this good word is dropped; we refused to take a loss as we “holla back”.

The Conquest is underway but due to Mercury retrograde we had to curtail some activity! now being more introspective!

Check out this good word / poetry to see how the work will be / how the game is played; Hashtag me? Internal #InspectorGadget! The Conquest? still out here Shadow Boxing doing shadow work as forest incantations from the internal orchestra play in my head. The Conquest? A fluttering fear or wicked swag / sway? looking for peace instead.

On a Conquest; a champion like Muhammad Ali my fellow Louisvillian don’t call us Louisvillains; that strategy doesn't work, it just contributes to the prison industry.

Part of the corporate military government complex, some know the deally!

Check the Conquest; Abort this mission? I mean really! that would make the simple complex.

A veteran in the game who’s  now we come with the next!

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